Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5: Ravashing Red - 1993 Happy Holidays Barbie

Up until now the only doll that had a red dress was the 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie. (The first one that I don't have. Someday though!) Since they had green they probably felt it was again time for a red gown with a little twist: poinsettia!


Red and gold, beautiful! She too was taken out of the box and played with. However by 1993 I was at the ripe age of 12 and was still playing with Barbie but starting to get to the point where I knew that these Happy Holidays Barbies were really something special so she wasn't taken out and played with as much.

I love how the hairpiece is exactly the same as what's on the bodice of the dress. I also love the concept of the bows on the sleeves.


There is one thing about this setup I did not like. (Nothing about the dress, the dress is beautiful!) Note how the back of the dress is pressed up behind her. Looks awesome but for someone who wanted to play with her or take her out of the box and display her, the dress never would lay down flat.


The doll is just beautiful though. So since we have two red dresses now, let's see how it compares to the first Happy Holidays Barbie.

1988 Happy Holidays Barbie
Okay, so Mattel is doing a good job not copying dress designs and colors, this is red and sliver as compared to this years red and gold. Awesome.

I do have to admit, I had her out of the box a week ago! This doll was up in the attic of my parents house. When I rescued her, some damage was done to her box and it was heavily warped. I tried to retape it together but I'm not sure it's holding. That is why I had trouble getting a clear shot of the back of her box. But no damage to the doll! That is all that really matters to me.

The back of her box reads: She sparkles from head to toe in her holiday gown of poinsettia red and glittery gold!


Notice that Hallmark picked up on this idea by making ornaments? (I have it :) Did anyone else collect these ornaments too?

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Another gorgeous Holiday beauty in pristine condition.

To me her gown is more beautiful than the 1988 dress. The 1988 one has a very simple pattern and is made from elastic velvet fabric and tulle - so no comparison really, to the tailored bodice of this Barbie. I got my 1988 Holiday Barbie mint in box, so I didn't actually commit a crime taking her out for display during Holiday Season. Her dress left glitterd trails, wherever she was displayed.

I didn't collect the ornaments, but I have two ball ornaments with Happy Holidays Barbie on them. One shows the 1997 Holiday doll and the other is showing the 1998 Holiday Barbie. Collecting everything related to Barbies would be to much for me, I stick to the dolls.

Forestminuet said...

I did not know that about the 1988 Barbie. I have never actually seen her in person, just in pictures. I love how you took her out and displayed her. I have tons of glitter scattered about from doll clothing among other holiday decorations. It always looks like fairies visited my house.

I think at one point my mom was getting the ornaments for me too but she has stopped in recent years. The problem with those ornaments is they have a big surface space (for the skirt) so they take up a bit of room to set them up.